Enhancing PagerDuty Apple Watch app functionality

Is there any plans to add ability to View/Snooze/Resolve incidents and maybe even switch account and view incident details on PagerDuty Apple Watch app?

Currently the app is very limited on Apple Watch as there is nothing you can really do other than view On Call schedule.

If theres plans to make it more feature rich I’m willing to participate in beta testing through Apple TestFlight.

We have no betas/early access currently planned, but please reach out to us at support@pagerduty.com so we can gather more information about your feature requests and pass them onto our Product team!

Would be great to get feedback from Mobile Devs if any of his could be feasible in the future.

Hi Jussi,

Sure thing, we’ll need to first lodge a feature request to involve the Mobile Devs and get an assessment on the feasibility of adding this.