emitCEFEvents documentation

The visibility docs https://support.pagerduty.com/docs/visibility-console have some examples with emitCEFEvents object. I can’t see any documentation of it. Is there some library where i can look up allowed elements?

As far as I understand it, PD.emitCEFEvents() is like a class method that’s used in custom event transforms to emit the transformed event in the PagerDuty Common Event Format (CEF). There’s more documentation on CEF at https://support.pagerduty.com/docs/pd-cef

I went through that page as well. I was more interested in the allowed fields.

More specifically, i was using a emitCEFEvents() instead of emitGenericEvents() as mentioned in the Custom Event Transformer docs(https://v2.developer.pagerduty.com/docs/cet). Since its associated with Events APIv1 i assumed it could not be used to set all fields.

So we resorted to using emitCEFEvents() to set component and severity.
But it’s more like grasping in the dark as i cannot make out why source_component is used instead of component as there is no doc i can refer to.


We have responded to this issue via the Support ticket you raised.
So we will be closing off this post.


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