email relay?

Have an email address internally for on-call information. Currently everyone on the team is on that group. Would like this to be dynamic based on those currently on callm and to set the members of the DL as a single group, like, and that email would get forward the message to the primary and secondary currently on call.

Is this possible?

I think I see what you mean, so I’ll do my best to answer this here. When a user is on-call, their notification methods will be utilised to notify them of any incidents. You could opt to setup a user that is for your team and use your group mailing list address to notify them, and rely on any internal policies you have in place to notify the correct people outside of PagerDuty, but otherwise, PagerDuty would need to be setup so each on-call user is an individual.

If this wasn’t exactly what you had in mind, let me know the specifics and I can get back to you.

Not quite. Those on call are individuals assigned through pagerduty. they get notified. But for those that are currently on call, we have an email alias to send additional information to them, or for them to discuss current issues. The reality is that everyone is on that because the nature of who is on call is dynamic. We’d like to scope that alias to just those who are actually on call (primary and backup). But that data lives in pagerduty.

What I was hoping was to have is an email address We could assign this as a member of our, which would then go to only those who want to be on it permanently, as well as those who actually are on call, rather than spamming dozens of people who aren’t on call.

This would be a feature request, as there’s no way to facilitate for this currently. Feel free to reach out to to log this feature request with us, to allow us to contact you if/when it does get implemented.

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