Email integration NOT accepting my emails!


(Allan Mohr) #1

I have it set to generically accept ALL incoming emails and create an alert, at least just for initial setup and testing.

I can NOT get Pagerduty to acknowledge my inbound email to the above address.
Is there some propagation time that needs to take place before this new email address works?

Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

(Jonathan Curry) #2

Changes to integration settings take effect immediately for any new events we receive after you click save, so it sounds like PagerDuty either isn’t receiving the email, the message is being discarded by one of your filters, or the message was received but nothing is being triggered because your service is disabled, in maintenance mode, or nobody is on-call for that service.

Is your service disabled or in maintenance mode? Is somebody on-call in your services’s escalation policy? Also, what do your mail filters and management rules look like?

(system) #3