Email integration deduplication stopped working

(Jeffery Tang) #1

I have a custom email integration. Over a year ago, I setup depuplication, so that replies to the original email would not create new incidents.

Open and resolve alerts based on custom rules:
Trigger an alert if any of the following conditions apply    
The email subject matches the regular expression  /.*/
Deduplicate based on the alert key found by matching the regular expression /(?:(?i)re: |fwd: )?(.*)/ against             
    the email subject
And create a generic alert for any email that does not match any of the above rules

This is no longer working.

(Paul) #2

Hi Jeff,

We have instructions on deduplicating email replies / forwards in our Knowledge Base. It looks like you have followed those instructions though, so that’s strange that it’s not working.

It would be helpful to have an example to help determine what is happening. Since it’s likely sensitive information, please send it to and we can take a closer look.

(system) #3