Does PagerDuty have the ability to trigger an incidents if email is NOT received?

Every morning we run automated test to verify all applications are functioning as expected. Upon completion a report is emailed to our Operations team. The issues we are having is if for some reason the test didn’t run, say a power outage, I want to be notified of the incident. So is there a way to create an incident that PagerDuty will expect to receive the report email everyday by a certain time and if it doesn’t it triggers the incident?

Hi Jacob,

This isn’t a feature we have available at this time. There are many tools available that can offer a ping test which can then alert you via PagerDuty should it trigger an incident.

I’ll send this as a feature request to our Product team so they’re aware of the interest in having PagerDuty support this.

Heartbeat monitoring is a solution that is within the scope of a monitoring product to provide (PagerDuty is not a monitoring product per se but rather an operations/incident management product that integrates with hundreds of different monitoring products).

One such product we’ve often suggested looking into for this purpose is Dead Man’s Snitch, which is oriented around raising alarms if processes don’t produce expected signals at specified intervals. You can find the documentation for integrating it with PagerDuty here.


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