Disabling user operation; notifying user via email but not to assign incidents


(Ryan Lin) #1

would like to know if the following configuration can be achieved:

  1. Disable a user from responding the incidents (e.g. prohibit resolving, ack-ing, etc.)?
  2. Send only notifications to specific user, but not assigning the incident to the user, while incident will follow the original escalation path for assignment?

Thanks in advance!

(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi Ryan! Notifications without entering an escalation flow can be achieved by adding the user as a subscriber on an incident, via the “Subscribers” tab on the incident. This will send an incident notification, but will also allow you to announce the latest news on the incident to them and all other subscribers via the “status update” messaging feature on that tab.

Restricting the user’s ability to acknowledge or resolve can be done by granting the user the Observer role on the team to which the service / escalation policy belongs, or giving the user the global fixed “Stakeholder” role.

More info from the Knowledge Base:

Hopefully that helps!

(system) #3