Developing an extension similar to HipChat or Jira


(Murat Can) #1


I would like to develop an extension for creating webhooks so the users can be notified if there is an incident or an incident has been resolved etc. I have read the documentations but as far as I can understand, all the operations on the API requires API keys, which are generated by users. But there are extensions like HipChat or Jira that have their own configuration pages in an iframe and don’t require users to input API keys, which is much more convenient. I assume that these extensions are using their own extension schemas and addons which are defined globally so the users don’t have to create them manually, but I couldn’t find any information regarding to these. I would be happy if you could inform me about the steps required for creating an extension similar to HipChat or Jira with their own globally defined schemas and addons.

Thank you

(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi Murat,

If your goal is to add an authentication token for your external (to PagerDuty) system without a user having to input it into the webhook manually, e.g. our Slack extension’s OAuth flow, or if it is to be able to manage webhooks from a dedicated page similar to HipChat, or have a sort of ready-made extension type, then unfortunately we do not yet support public use of the APIs involved therein. However, since it sounds like you are seeking to build a new integration, I’d really like to get more info about this (especially about your goals and the specific intent of the design), so that I can share this with our platform product team for review. If you would like to discuss it privately, please send an email to and include a link to this community post.

(John Baldo) #3

Hey Murat,

We have some app development tools in beta that I can give you access to. They may not include everything you’re looking for just yet, but there is an OAuth registration process that you can use to get access to PagerDuty accounts without asking for an API token.

If you contact as Demitri mentioned or message me directly here, I can work on getting you access!

Thanks for posting,

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