De-duplication through event V2 API




I am integrating PagerDuty with our current alerting system.
To create a new incident, I am using the V2 event API as described here :

However I am running into some issues with the de-duplication.
When I trigger the first incident, I assign it an incident key and it is showing correctly in PagerDuty interface.
However, if I trigger another incident (as we fire alert every X minutes) with the same incident key, the REST call give me back a 200 response but the second incident is not showing in the PagerDuty interface.
I would have assumed the second incident show the same way than when two incidents are merged (ie one incident, two triggers).

It is easy to re-produce this behaviour by submitting twice the form at the bottom of the documentation :

If anyone could point me out what am I doing wrong or point me out if I completely misunderstood the de-duplication process, I would appreciate.


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Hi @AuroreW,

If you go to the incident, and then click on the associated alert, you’ll see the history of deduplicated events that have been merged into the alert near the bottom of the alert view page under Alert Log.

Can you see them there?


Hello @demitri,

As I am knew to Pager Duty, I never noticed this screen :sweat_smile:
All the incidents are showing there, and it will make our integration much easier!

Thanks a lot !

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