DataDog on Lite Plan


(Ando Takahiro) #1

Does Lite Plan support DataDog? Now I’m planning to integrate DataDog with PagerDuty.


(Jonathan Curry) #2

There’s a few parts to the Datadog integration & add-ons:

  1. You can trigger, ack & resolve PagerDuty incidents from Datadog monitors or comments
  2. You can show who is on-call from a PagerDuty schedule in the Datadog event stream
  3. PagerDuty incidents can also be shown in the Datadog event stream via a crawler or webhooks
  4. Datadog dashboards can be shown on services (or in their own page) in PagerDuty

#1 will be doable with the Lite plan, but #2 and #3 (via crawler) require access to the REST API that’s only available on Basic and above, and #4 is considered a “workflow extension” - meaning it requires Standard or Enterprise.

Hope this clears things up!

(Ando Takahiro) #3

Thanks, really helpful. I will talk with my colleges :slight_smile:

(system) #4