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My Pagerduty is receiving alarms from Zabbix, Stackdriver and custom monitoring scripts. However, the web dashboard isn’t as intuitive as the zabbix one for example, even the mobile app is more like “monitoring dashboards” than the web interface. So, I’d like to know if there is any way to customize the web dashboard or even use another dashboard tool(that would receive alerts from PD).

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Hi Stephan,

The PagerDuty UI is for the most part not configurable except for a couple exceptions. One exception and one feature that you may be interested in exploring is PagerDuty Visibility. This grants you access to the Visibility Console which is a customizable dashboard that displays various modulus designed for situational awareness in a technical context.

Applications within the console that you may enable and rearrange are Infrastructure Health, Service Health, Major Incidents, and Responders.

Besides this and the configurability of the reporting tool views, one other solution that I can think of would be this third party API-based tool:

pagerduty-dashing - https://github.com/thegreenrobot/pagerduty_dashing

If you have any feedback on what types of things you’d like to see customizable within the Web UI, we would love to hear your opinion. We value your feedback!

– Malcolm

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Hello Malcolm,

Thank you for your help, the pagerduty-dashing doesn’t really attend my needings.
This post was created because we use zabbix as our main monitoring tool/dashboard, and now we are integrating other alerts sources like stackdriver and custom scripts. Since stackdriver doesn’t work natively with zabbix, we are trying to concentrate all alerts sources into PagerDuty, because is easier and PagerDuty integration works great with zabbix and stackdriver. However, zabbix dashboard seems more intuitive when you see it in a big screen, while PagerDuty dashboard is kinda cleaner, but as my manager says, “there should be more red lines blinking. even full of alerts, it’s too clean”. He also compares the Web UI to the app interface. While the app UI is kinda poor, as soon as you look at it you can tell that something is alerting.
So, as a suggestion, I’d say that if we could simply change the colors/theme of the Web dashboard that would be really useful.
I’m gonna take a look at PagerDuty Visibility, i’m not familiar with it but gonna have a look and see if it will do the job.

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