Customizing SMS text that is sent in a notification from PagerDuty


(Angel Rivera) #1

I read the section “SMS Notifications” from:

It describes that is included. So far, so good.
I searched and searched, and I could not find a section that describes how to customize the SMS notification that is sent by the email integration from a PagerDuty service.
In particular: my service uses email integration. The originating system has a ticket number which is NOT in the Subject line, but the ticket number is inside the body.
The SMS notification from the PagerDuty includes part of the Subject line of the original email, but it does not include the original ticket number.
We would like to customize this SMS notification to parse the body, find out the original ticket number and then tell the PagerDuty service to include the ticket number in the SMS notification.
Angel Rivera

(Malcolm Konner) #2

Hi Angel!

We unfortunately don’t have customizable SMS notifications at this time, we do have an existing request with our product team to implement this functionality in the future though.

With our current abilities, you would have to log in to the mobile app or the Web UI to see additional content such as the original ticket number inside the body of the email that triggered the incident.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you,

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