Customize Subject line for Alert Emails

Currently when an alert is triggered the email, regardless of the alert, has the subject line of “[PagerDuty Alert] You have 1 triggered incident.”

This should be customizable to include things like Ticket Number, Reporter, Assignee, Subject of the Ticket.

Not being able to customize these subject lines means that Pager Duty is just noise in the inbox. This should be customizable based on the workflow and whatever available information is present. I’ve seen this topic brought up before, but it was closed before I had a chance to comment on it. The question was asked “What would you like to customize it to” to which my answer would have been “Something important and relevant to my company”.

“[PagerDuty Alert] You have 1 triggered incident.” is not a useful or relevant subject line, but each company will have their own best-case for what is included (hence the request for customization). We would include a ticket number, severity (PD triggers on a Sev1 or 2 for us and knowing the difference quickly is important) and subject of the ticket if possible, but I imagine many use-cases would arise where different customizations would be wanted.

As it stands, in order to differentiate between the two, I have 2 identical webhooks and workflows set up responding to either a Sev1 or a Sev2 and then flowing down identical parallel pipelines so that I can attain the end result of the name of the Service or Escalation Policy being either “Severity 1” or “Severity 2” and thats a silly way to have to track what severity a ticket is.

Its also annoying that I can’t seem to include a hyperlink within the email that will carry the user to the ticket rather than to the PagerDuty Incident. We honestly couldn’t care less about the PD incident once its been created - We need to get into our ticketing system and to the ticket ASAP. This may be a shortcoming in JIRA and as I switch to Ivanti I’ll look to see if its a capability i’m not seeing BUT it doesn’t seem that theres anywhere within PD to inject that info into the body if it was being passed by the ticketing system in the first place