Custom incident action url not getting invoked


(Akanksha Jain) #1

I have created a custom action and I can see the button on all the incidents. However when I click on the button nothing happens. I have ReST API hosted on a server behind my org’s firewall. I can invoke the API from my local system using curl. How can I debug if the API is getting invoked or not. Is there any port which needs to be opened for letting pagerDuty invoke the API?

(Jonathan Curry) #2

Custom incident actions function exactly like webhooks (except only on demand), meaning your web server must accept incoming connections from our webhook IPs.

The port is completely up to you. Just like your web browser, we’ll assume we need to use port 80 or 443 if you specify http or https, but you can tell us otherwise by adding a specific port with a colon (:) after the hostname or IP.


PagerDuty will make a request to on port 80:

PagerDuty will make a secure request to on port 443:

PagerDuty will make a secure request to on port 10101:

There aren’t any user accessible logs in the UI to determine if a webhook request failed, but you can contact support and ask them to check internal logs and let you know how your server responded (or if it responded) if your custom actions don’t appear to be working.

(system) #3