Custom dedup_key not resolving incidents


I am currently using Events v2 to send incident ‘triggers’ to the API. In that POST there is a custom dedup_key that I am sending. That dedup_key seems to be showing correctly both in the 200 response and when I view the message in the web administration site. However when I then send a ‘resolve’ event with the same dedup_key the incident is never acknowledged. I am formatting the resolve event according to documentation ( and I receive a 202 in response but nothing happens.

Is this expected behavior with a custom dedup_key? Using the randomly generated one returned when I don’t specify one is possible but adds hassle/complexity because this code is running inside of a python lambda in AWS.

Hi Phil,

If you trigger an incident with a certain dedup_key: and send in a resolve event with the same key, the incident with that key should resolve if it is still in an open state (triggered or acknowledged).

The Events API is not able to automatically Acknowledge and incident by sending in an event of the resolve type.

I wouldn’t ask you for details about your account here, but if you email in an example incident as well as a timestamp (with timezone) of when you sent in a resolve event with the same dedup_key, we can investigate and say why that may not be working as you intend.

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