Creating alert using SMS

Hi pagerduty community,

I would like to create an alert that is generated by SMS - is this possible?

I have an installation that is constantly checking if it has internet access. If there is no internet access for more than some small amount of time, it sends an SMS to a predetermined phone number. It would be great if we could instead send this message to a pagerduty service.


You need something that can either send an email or call an API in response to your SMS. Services like Twilio let you built that pretty easily, or there are off the shelf SMS to Email services out there.

Alternatively, if your installation can send an SMS, can it also get internet access over the mobile service? Then you could call the PagerDuty Event API directly from your device.

Hi Chris,

We’d rather not introduce yet another service to handle a single communication protocol, that’s why I asked about the integration (similar to your LCR service). I was hoping it would be as easy as changing the destination phone number to
the LCR-associated one and handle the alert routing within Pagerduty.

I’m not totally certain what the capabilities of the device are - it’s not a cell phone, but rather a sim-enabled transmitter. I would be surprised if it could use mobile data from a cell provider, but if it can I’ll see what possibilities
are of routing the message via the Event API you mentioned.

Great name btw.

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This has been addressed in the support ticket you raised on this
issue so I will close off this post now. Many thanks for your feedback.


Hi Chris!

I definitely understand that it would be ideal to have a built-in integration configured to accept SMS messages as a form of an event that could trigger an incident within PagerDuty.

Right now, the suggestions similar to what Chris Ford indicated are the best way to go!

There are many systems out there that convert SMS messages into an email/webhook/phone call but it is another system to monitor and maintain.

I’ll share this feedback with our Product Team though as it would be great if we could support more systems without access to data.

As you had mentioned the device is a sim-enabled transmitter, is there a possibility that it could leave a phone call instead of an SMS? Then the Live Call Routing feature could be useful! You could force it to leave a message and that data would then notify the user on-call with an incident.

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