Creating a CET for Zabbix


(Kieran Lambert) #1

Hi all, i’m new to working with CET’s. Hoping someone could forward some info in using CET with Zabbix integration.
Need to parse current Zabbix alerts coming in PD and assign values to fields.
Any info out there would be great.

(John O'Donnell) #2

HI Kieran,

Thanks for getting in touch, we think that you might find the answer here from a previous community post. You can use the PD-CEF with Zabbix and then list the fields needed to create an event.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.

(Demitri Morgan) #3

Hi @Lambo,

I just wanted to add, here’s a tool that will allow you to send an ad-hoc sample Zabbix event, and thus get its structure in order to guide development of a Custom Event Transformer to parse it:

  1. Put in a REST API token under “Authentication” in the above page
  2. Open your browser’s developer console and go to the Network tab
  3. Go to the “Send Events” tab in the above page
  4. Find an existing service with a default Zabbix integration on it. If you want to avoid paging the on-call for the service, disable it. You can also create a dummy service for this exercise.
  5. Send an event to the Zabbix integration
  6. Capture the JSON body that was posted to the Events API from the developer console

For more information, refer to our Custom Event Transformer documentation.

(system) #4