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Hi team,

I am trying creating a 2 days rotation schedule during business hours only using the “Restrict on-call shifts to specific times” to Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:00. The problem is: PagerDuty includes weekends in the schedule.

Example of expected output: person A starts on Fri for 2 days rotation should be rostered for Fri, and next Mon. Then person B on next Tue+Wed.

Actual output: person A on Fri+Sat (but Sat is excluded from the schedule), so person A is only on Fri. Person B is on Sun+Mon (but Sun is excluded from the schedule), so person B is rostered on Mon. Person A then starts Tue+Wed for 2 days.

Is there a way I can achieve my desired 2 days rotation for business hours excluding weekends?

Linh Pham

(Chris Dryden) #2

Hi Linh,

I would take a look at our article on schedule configuration which explains how to use the Restrict on-call duty to specific times-of-the-week option. This will allow you to configure the on-call times for specific days/times.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response. I have tried Restrict on-call duty to specific times-of-the-week but still have the same effect as I’ve described earlier.

I attached screenshots here for your reference. The final schedule still looks like PagerDuty took into account of Weekends for the rotation for 05-Jan and 06-Jan in the screenshot.

Linh Pham

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Hi Linh,

I see what you are saying - thanks for the screenshot as well.

Rather than using the custom rotation type at 2 days, can you try switching the rotation type to “daily” and adding each user twice so that on-call for two daily shifts? This should resolve the issue you are seeing where the custom rotation type takes into account the weekend. Please see a screenshot here for what this configuration looks like.

I hope this helps!


(Linh Pham) #5

Hi Jade,

Yes, doubling up the users works! Thanks for your help and suggestion.

I would think this is a work around and the custom 2 days rotation should apply only to the Restrict on-call duty to specific times-of-the-week?

Linh Pham

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