Correlate Incidents to Notifications

Hi team,

Our alerts come in addressed to - is there a way to correlate a notification with a particular incident? We’re working on a noise reduction project and I’m trying to get all incidents sent to our team (via notifications API) so that we can sort them from most to least.

Looking at the data structure for incidents and notifications, I’m not seeing anything that can be used to filter this data.

What would be really great is if you guys could put the incident ID into the notification data.

I can grab all incidents, but still there is no way to tie this to our support team.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. =0)

Hi Gavin,

There doesn’t happen to be a way to glean what incidents notifications are in regard to that you’re listing from the Notifications endpoint.

If it helps at all though, if you List Log Entries, the log entries of the type notify_log_entry will contain details about your email notifications and include a reference to what incident they’re about. We also have a List log entries for an incident endpoint which I have linked here.

I hope this helps!

Hi Malcom -

Thanks for the tip - I’ll check that out!

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