Command console realtime updates


(Plamen) #1

Hi team,

I’m still new to Pagerduty… I think Command console can be a great tool, but was wondering why it’s not having realtime updates or even auto-refresh from time to time. What’s the use of it if it keeps stale data and one needs to constantly refresh it to see what’s new?

(Alex Maier) #2

Thank you for your your question @Plamen – I have forwarded this as a feature request to the PagerDuty front-end team. I will follow up in this thread with any updates over the next few months.

(Jason Kallner) #3

Alex it looks like this has been out here a while. Any updates? We too are looking for this in the incident pane for seeing alerts as they come in there. Would love to see a configurable refresh cycle for this to make it more of a console for users to have and utilize.

(David Shackelford) #4

Hi Jason and Plamen,

I’m on the product team here at PagerDuty. Good questions on the command console! One clarification: the Infrastructure Health portion does update as new alerts and incidents are created, but the other panels don’t yet.

However, I totally understand that when you’re using the command console for operational visibility, it’s important to have synchronized, live data between the different panes. We’ll be iterating the overall command console experience next year, and will be adding liveness as part of that. We’ll also be adding more liveness throughout the rest of the platform, including the incident dashboard.

Happy to discuss roadmap in more detail — just shoot me an email at and I can loop in the right PMs.

(Stephan Parker) #5

@dshack/PagerDuty folks - hi - we are just getting started w/ Command Console/Infrastructure Health. Love what I’m seeing, though it seems the issue outlined in this thread still persists. That is, we are not seeing auto-refresh working for Command Console. Seeing that the last post was 2017 and the intent was to update w/ “liveness” sometime this year, was just wondering if there were any updates to this end.


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