Collapse/Expand On-Call Schedules and Escalation Policies on main list page



With lots of schedules and escalation policies, and their display taking so much space, it might be nice to have them initially viewed in a collapsed list that can be expanded by item/row on demand.

(geeth) #2

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for this feedback! We currently do not offer this functionality

Is this a feature request regarding the layers within a schedule or the list of schedules?

If you can also provide the pain you are experiencing, and how it will be solved by this request, I would be happy to pass this along to our Product Team!

(Simon Fiddaman) #3

The assumption there is you’ve named your Escalation Policies or Schedules appropriately enough that you can identify the one you want based on the name alone. I’d give that a “better than average” success rate for my account…

(system) #4