CloudWatch Integration isnt working


(Steven Guitar) #1


I have read and followed the steps to setup an integration from Amazon CloudWatch to PagerDuty.

I have configured my SNS topic on the AWS side to have 2 subscriptions:

  1. The PagerDuty integration URL HTTPS endpoint
  2. My email address

When I try to manually push a message (via the SNS AWS console) to the SNS topic to test the integration, I get the email but nothing in PagerDuty. What am I missing?

(Steven Guitar) #2

This may be as expected, but hoping someone can confirm. I was able to create a bogus alarm that triggered and it seemed to work fine.

Are we not able to manually push something from the SNS console to test it?

(Lisa Thompson) #3

Hi Steve,

Alarms with status ALARM will trigger incidents, and status OK will resolve them. Other alarms that do not have the status of ALARM will not trigger incidents. I’m wondering if the alarms you are triggering manually do not have a status of ALARM, which is why it is not working. I know you can manually create an alarm in Cloudwatch, but I think the issue is that the status is not ALARM.

I know you have a support ticket open with us about this as well. If you have any additional questions, feel free to respond to us either here or within your Support ticket.


(Jonathan Curry) #4

No, the CloudWatch integration looks for things that only a real CloudWatch message can produce. Even if you copy the exact same JSON message you get from a CloudWatch message, manually publishing to the SNS topic still sends things to PagerDuty in a slightly different format (even the HTTP headers sent to us are different), which isn’t supported.

If you’d like to test your CloudWatch integration to make sure everything works the way you expect, I recommend creating or changing an alarm condition that you know will trigger an incident (i.e. create or lower an existing CPU usage check to “if greater than 0”). Then just delete or revert your change when everything looks good.

(Steven Guitar) #5


Cool - thanks! Sounds good.


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