Cloudera Alerts?


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Is anyone here sending Cloudera alerts to PagerDuty? We’re currently sending our alerts from Cloudera to PD in json format via email integration. It’s working fine but I’d like to set up rules to resolve issues when the “good” status update comes in. I’ve reviewed the json from Cloudera and I’m not seeing a single consistent field I can key off of between the open and close alerts, even the subjects are different.

If anyone here has worked around this somehow, I’d appreciate if you’d be willing to share how you got this working.

Thank you,


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Hi Vincent,

I’m afraid that there would need to be some similar string that you can configure to be the alert_key/dedup_key in order to match the Trigger events to the correlating Resolve events to auto-resolve in the way you are hoping to.

I wonder if the Cloudera product that you’re using has any ability to customize the notifications that are being sent to us in order to perhaps include a new property that could be consistent and used to match the trigger emails with the resolve or “good” emails

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Hi Malcolm,

I’m not sure, that’s why I was posting here hoping another PagerDuty user might have solved the problem, or that PagerDuty support may have worked through the issue with another customer. :wink: I’ll keep investigating on my own.



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