Changing the messaging a user receives when running customer slash command

I have set up a slash command that creates an incident in Pagerduty from slack. Followed article -

The command successfully creates an incident but the response to the user is an event object like {“event”:{“id”:“11587…-02aba555d5e2”}}.

Does anyone have a solution on changing this so the user gets better feedback? Even something along the lines of “Pagerduty has been initiated” instead of the object would be better.

Typo in the title - should say “… when running custom slash command”

Hi Kurt,

At the moment, it’s not possible to change the response to the user.

However, if you are looking to provide some immediate feedback to the user, you might want to consider using the Slack extension as well, which will send a webhook to the Slack channel when the incident is triggered.

Hi Jade,

I have set that up too but the slack extension seems to be limited to a specific channel.

The slash command can be initiated from any channel in Slack. Is there a way to set up the Slack extension to post back to the channel the command was run from?

We have improved this functionality with V2 of the Slack integration which is currently in early access. If you reach out to us at with your PD account and email address, we can add you to that early access feature!

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