Can I import or add multiple users at the same time?


(Tyler Wells) #1

Yes! We have a Ruby script that allows you to import multiple users at once from a CSV file.

Instructions for how to use the script can be found here in our Knowledge Base.

Adding multiple users at once
(David Hayes) #2

The Users page allows you to add multiple users via the dialog. If you need to add significant numbers at once there are several additional options.


Via Single Sign-on

The easiest way is to enable auto-provisioning of new users on first login. This allows any user authenticated by your SAML 2.0 or OAuth 2.0 provider to create PagerDuty account. Single Sign-on can be configured by Account owners on all Standard & Enterprise accounts.


With your Customer Success Manager

If you’re looking to add 25 or more users, put them in a CSV file and contact so they can import them for you.

From other tools:
Users can be imported from:

Use our API or a Script: