Bad A-Type Record for Events API


(Ben Main) #1

Is the address producing problems for anyone else. That IP seems unreachable. is round-robining at DNS, and that address is causing failures when we are trying to write failures to the Events API.


(Joe Pettit) #2

Hey Ben,

Thanks for reaching out! We haven’t seen any issues with the Events API endpoints, what sort of errors are you seeing exactly?


(Demitri Morgan) #3

Hey @BenMain,

Can you describe the issue you were experiencing when your integrations connect specifically to that IP address?

That address is in Microsoft Azure’s network. Please be advised, that network drops all ICMP traffic, so dropped packets when using ping/traceroute to test connectivity are a false positive for the host being unreachable.

You can check to see if it is reachable using TCP via netcat as follows (on Unix/Linux):

nc -v -G 5 443

(system) #4