Azure Alerts "no message found" summary and serverity mis-mapping


(Patrick M. Ryan) #1

I have two issues with Azure integration, both of which are noted and closed in community without public resolutions.

No message included as Summary

I see this with logging alerts where obvious summary is AlertRule…

Incident severity mismatch

paylaod shows 1 as severity - 1 in Azure is warning however PD alarms are showing Critical.

(Jade Paoletta) #2

Hi Patrick,

For the issue where you are seeing where “No message included” is appearing as the incident title, it’s possible that the schema from Azure to Pagerduty did not match the format that our Azure integration expects. To confirm this, please open a ticket to as we’ll have to verify information specific to your account.

In the thread regarding severity mismatch, I see that Geeth mentioned the possibility of using Global Event Rules to map the appropriate Azure severity to the appropriate severity in PagerDuty. If this is not a possibility for you, please include the details on this in a support ticket as well and we can further investigate this as well.


(Patrick M. Ryan) #3

I sent in a email this evening. Thanks,

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