AWS Support for Cloudwatch Events API V2


(Rich Navis) #1

I would like to start using AWS SNS Notifications with PagerDuty Events API V2 because I would like to use global event rules instead of service based event rules. All the AWS Integration documents reference using the previous version of the API with an embedded integration key in the URL.

(Chiedu Uraih) #2

Hi Rich,

To use the Global Event Rules for the AWS, you would need to direct it to the endpoint<INTEGRATION-KEY>. The integration key is
the one on the Event Rules page.


(Ian Sherwood) #3

This should be more widely documented!

(Thomas Roach) #4

You can read more about Global Event Routing on our Knowledge Base here – other than that, is there any other information you feel was lacking? We would love to hear your feedback in order to keep our documentation as informative as possible.

(system) #5