AWS CloudWatch alarms do not trigger PagerDuty notifications

I followed this guide to integrate AWS CloudWatch with PagerDuty. I wanted to fire an alarm when Errors became greater than 0 for an AWS Lambda function, but when I triggered the alarm, CloudWatch successfully published a message to SNS, but an incident never reached PD. The same happened when I changed the CloudWatch alarm to monitor Invocations.

The problem is not the service or escalation policy, because if I attach an e-mail integration to the same service, a test e-mail will trigger a notification.

This old post suggests that CloudWatch alarms for Lambda metrics do not work, but alarms on metrics for CPU Utilization should work. However, when I tried the same alert for CPU Utilization > 0% on an EC2 instance, it also failed to fire.

Is the CloudWatch integration simply broken?

I’ve discovered that integration with CloudWatch is possible via Custom Event Transformers, but this is not ideal since the event does not include any details from the error.

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