I’ve got a couple feature requests in through support, simple things like sorting by column, having an export feature (to Excel), search ‘for text’ feature, etc…

I’m also always on the lookout for ways to modify the platform as much as possible, I own the service in my organization and I’m also the Account Owner which doesn’t really give me any kind of real admin privileges, but I would be curious to see what other orgs have been able to come up with. There’s always people smarter than me out there and I’d love to tap their thoughts.

  • Dave

Hi @DavidGitomer,

You can download your reports to CSV files, which you should be able to open in Excel. Here are our docs on reporting - after running a report, click on one of the View Online links. From there, you should see a Download CSV link near the top right.

As for sorting by column, I see that we have a feature request from you around this. I agree that it would be useful to have sortable columns on the users page. Our Product team reviews all the feature requests we receive, and it certainly influences how our product evolves, so we appreciate you putting in the time to pass on your ideas. You can keep an eye on our What’s New page for the latest improvements.

I’ll let others chime in on how they modify their platforms, but if there is a specific thing you’re after, let me know - we may have some ideas that will help.