Automated Notifications to Stakeholders on Incident Resolution


Can you please advise if / how it is possible to send an automated response to subscribed Stakeholders when an incident is acknowledged or resolved in Pager Duty.

I can see that a Response Play can be used to automatically notify stakeholders when an incident is opened, and that manual status updates can be used or additional response plays can be manually run to provide further updates, but we would like to be able to automatically send further notifications when the incident status changes in PagerDuty (i.e when an incident is acknowledged or resolved manually / through an API integration). This would be particularly useful where incidents are created and resolved through API integrations such as via New Relic.


Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out. This is not something functionality-wise we have right now, but you may want to consider creating a response play to manually trigger when resolved. Sorry we cannot help you out with this right now, but do let me know if you have any more questions.


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