Auto-opening conference bridges


(Abhishek Agarwal) #1

Can we have PD auto-open AT&T conference bridges? The use is that for specific Services in PD, we will need an AT&T conference to be opened so that all investigating teams come together on the bridge and triage the problem. I’m not sure if this is something possible using Pager Duty. Any thoughts?

(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi Abhishek,

The conference bridge dial-in details are a static settings in the service. Thus, the exact number of the bridge would to be provisioned ahead of time. The number would then be disseminated to all the on-call agents through the incident details; it would show up as a clickable dial link in the mobile app, for instance.

It would not yet be possible to automatically provision a distinct new conference bridge for each incident, in case that is what you meant. However, I don’t think this would be a good idea anyway, as it would make communication more smooth to have one bridge for cases in which multiple incidents are opened at the same time versus multiple conference bridges that require having the same personnel in them. However, there can be different conference bridges for each service, for triaging issues of distinct nature.

(Abhishek Agarwal) #3

Hi, thanks for your inputs. Yes, you are right. But I have done most of part what you mentioned above, what I need is that when an incident is triggered, the conference bridge provisioned in the service should be automatically opened. Is that possible?

(Demitri Morgan) #4

Hi Abhishek,

If I understand correctly, the conference bridge won’t necessarily change or need to be re-provisioned, but just “started up”. Is that correct? I’m just not sure I understand completely what “opening up” the conference bridge would entail. If so, it all depends on whether the service provider of the conference bridge supplies some sort of API. If so, then it would be possible to build a webhook handler that would start the conference bridge when it receives an incident.trigger webhook.

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