Api to get API Key / Account details + wehbooks with more than 1 service

Hi there,
I have created an integration to pagerduty using an API Key and was hoping to be able to get some basic information regrading the account using it (for example, the sub domain or if the key has full-access).

Also, when creating web hooks, it’s would be super comfortable to be able to subscribe to all services instead to just one of them.


We don’t currently offer an explicit way to query your subdomain name, but if you can let me know your use-case, I’d be happy to submit a feature request to our Product team.

I can also submit a feature request for a universal webhook.

I’m using the api to allow integrations to pagerduty to our users. In order to keep the hassle to minimum, all i need is their api key. however, i can’t label it anyhow with a decent title (like their subdomain). Moreover, i need to ensure that it has full access rights, and thats not possible neither, making the experience sluggish in case they created their api key with the wrong permissions.

The services requirement is similar. I want to be able to subscribe (using a web hook extension) to all/multiple services instead to a single one to improve performance and the option to have any issues because of a random error in the api requests.


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Thanks for taking the time to elaborate on your use cases here!

We’ve gone ahead and passed both of these along to our Product team as feature requests.

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