api documentation mismatch for get schedule


(Kolo) #1


I’ve notice a difference between the documentation available here and the results returned by the API for a real schedule.

The documentation states that schedule.schedule_layers[].users is an array of { ‘type’:‘user’ … }
The data return by my test on the api shows that scedule.schedlue_layers[].users is an array of { ‘user’: { ‘type’ : ‘user’ …}

This might be related to Known Issue: Creating a Schedule via the API

for now I’ll continue my dev with the user : {} encapsulation but it would be great to have an official statement about whether this is a known issue or an exotic behavior.


(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hi Kolo,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’m discussing this with our engineering team and working on a fix to our documentation.

Edit: a fix to the documentation has been submitted and reviewed. The API change in the schema reference should be visible soon.

(system) #3