Android Developer GEETIKA

I’m good at understanding my duties and hence taking care of them seriously.
I’m really driven by results. I like it when I have a concrete goal to meet and enough time to figure out a strong strategy for accomplishing it.As much as I love sitting at my computer and solving problems, I need regular breaks to maintain my focus. After two hours staring at a screen, I need to take a short walk to clear my head and get my body active.
Actually currently I’m a android app learner,still working on project.But I personally recommended my thought to all that ‘DO FIRST OR DO DIFFERENT’.
I learn many of languages such as C , C++ , Java and many more. Recently I learned Android application development course.
The importance of learning to work with other developers when I cannot be overstated. It’s very, very important.I always looking forward to learn something about new and accomplish them.I always want to learn all those things in which i’m interesting.

Hi Geetika,

Thank you so much for joining the PagerDuty Community - we are excited you’re here.

It seems like you have a lot of cool projects going on - and I like your thinking in the Do First or Do Different! And with your emphasis on the importance of learning, I wanted to make sure to share our Ops Guides with you in case you’re interested in learning around those topics:

Thanks again for becoming part of our Community,