Android App no longer overrides system volume

As the title says pagerduty no longer overrides system volume when my phone is on silent. Here are the things I have tried…

  1. Restart phone
  2. Uninstall/reinstall app
  3. Confirmed that PD is a priority app on my phone, that high-urgency override system volume and high-urgency override do not disturb are enabled and have the proper permissions.

I’ve tested this by both sending test notifications from the web UI and by having a colleague escalate a high priority page to me. With my phone on silent and the overrides enabled in the app settings I do not get an audible notification.

If I put my phone into do not disturb mode and turn the system volumes up on my phone I do then receive an audible alert for test notifications and high priority alerts.

This worked as expected yesterday during the day. I received audible alerts for high priority pages like normal. The app updated to version 5.75 in the evening and now the volume override option no longer works.

Phone is a Samsung S9 / Android 9
App is v5.75 (7379)

Hi @robert,

Many thanks for reaching this to our attention. Will be raising it internally and let me know how that develops.


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I saw a new PagerDuty app update in the Google play store which made mention of my issue so I installed it.

This update, v5.75.1, fixed my issue! Thank you!

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