Analytics for low-priority incidents

Is there a way to get a graph of the count of low-priority incidents over time? I’d love to see exactly what’s on the “System Report” today for low-priority incidents in the same way it does for high-priority incidents. My team uses low-priority incidents to track things that need addressing in the same day, but without having to wake up the on-call.

This is the same request as Analytics for low-priority incidents


I’m still doing “Download CSV” and filtering the results in Expel. Would still love to see this enhancement to save me this time every month.


Thank you James for providing that one possible solution.

Because this functionality isn’t available in the web UI, you could also potentially use the REST API to try and get the same data that the System Report includes, for Low-Urgency incidents.

You would have to List Incidents and include the Urgencies[] parameter with a value of low -> use the List log entries for an incident endpoint for each of these incidents > make calculations from the data gotten back from this to calculate MTTA and MTTR. The service and escalation policy is also referenced in these calls if you’d like to have this data for particular objects.

The above is the only additional suggestion I can think of other than James’s but would take some programming

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