Alerts during maintenance windows

Is there any way to get notified about what alerts happened during a maintenance window on a specific service?
For me the best would be if a PD service is in a maintenance window then if an alert comes in then it does not notify me, but if the maintenance window ends and no “OK” message have gone into PD from the service then it notifies me. Is this possible somehow?
What I can currently see is that if an alert is received by PD during a maintenance window then PD swallows it up and there’s no trace anywhere that something has happened.

Hi @MG, there isn’t a way to do this currently, since maintenance windows prevent all incidents from triggering, and all events that are routed to the service will be dropped.

As a workaround, you could set the service to trigger low urgency incidents. This way, the incidents are still triggered, but you would only receive notifications via your low urgency notification rules (which is typically just an email).

Thanks. Then maintenance windows are not usable for us, unfortunately. Are there any plans to improve on this?

Hi @MG, maintenance windows are intended to be used when your services are down, so there aren’t any plans to change this behavior.

Rather than using maintenance windows, perhaps you could use scheduled event rules. This allows you to configure a single specific time in the future in which a Global Event Rule will be active. So you could configure a rule to suppress alerts during the timeframe, rather than scheduling a maintenance window. Suppressed alerts can then be viewed under the Alerts tab.

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