Ahoy There!

Hi I’m Justin.

Currently working on a Slack App for ChatOps and Automation. I’m a former product manager and before that Support Operator, Having carried the pager(ok, not that old it was a mobile phone with text messaging), I’m a big fan of PagerDuty fan. I’ll never forget the time I got a call at 10pm while out on a Friday night. I spent the next three hours sitting on the curb outside with my laptop and Sprint wireless card fixing an issue forcing my good friend to meet his future wife. I’m excited to be a partner with PagerDuty to help those carrying the pager to get back inside fast so they can be the ones meeting their future significant other.

Why the pirate robot? I like sailing and we build a bot at RigD.


Hi Justin! Welcome to the PagerDuty community - love hearing about your matchmaking skills! Keep carrying the pager and spreading love.