Adding priority to events created with the Events API V2




I’m trying to add priority to events created with the Events API V2. The support pages reference that there is API support for this feature.

If you would like to add priority to incidents triggered from a monitoring tool, or using the Events or REST API, you can retrieve the list of priorities for your account using our REST API. You can then include the appropriate priority code when posting the incident.

However, I there is no evidence of this in the API documentation. Is there some way to add priority to events created with the events API?


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Hi Noah,

The mention of posting incident priority in the Knowledge Base article actually refers to using the REST API. You can use the Create an Incident endpoint and include a priority ID along with the payload. You’d want to first Get those priority IDs by using the list priorities endpoint.

List priorities REST API endpoint:

Create an incident REST API endpoint:

In regard to the v2 Events API, it’s not possible to directly insert a Priority into a payload however you can insert a Severity (Info, Warning, Error, or Critical) which you can then use Event Rules to map to an incident’s urgency if that interests you.

If you’d like to get the incidents triggered through the Events API to have a priority though, you would have to take an additional step of updating that in either the Web UI or through the REST API.

We’ve submitted a feature request on your behalf for the events API to support priorities. Please let us know if you have any further questions!


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