Add respoders from API


(Luis Angel Gutierrez) #1


I am trying to add responders to an existing incident using the API, but I can’t see an option in the API documentation, is it possible to do it with the API? can someone tell me what endpoint or method I have to use or share an example?


(Lisa Thompson) #2

Hi Luis,

We currently do not offer this functionality via the API. However, we will go ahead and submit feedback to our Product team for you!

Can you tell us a bit more about why you are looking for this functionality to be added to our API?


(Dave Cliffe) #3

Hey Luis, I’ll also add to Lisa’s comment that we recently added a new feature for helping to automate gathering a response team here: Any chance you’re interested in taking it for a spin and letting us know if it solves your problem?


– Dave

(Luis Angel Gutierrez) #4

Hi Lisa,

We have our Servicenow instance integrated with PagerDuty and what we are looking for is if an additional group is added to an incident on Servicenow, this group must be added as additional responder on the PagerDuty incident so we can take advantage of the PagerDuty notifications.

If you add this functionality to the API, please let me know, I will appreciate it.


(Luis Angel Gutierrez) #5

Hey Dave,
I checked the feature you suggest but it’s not really what we are looking for, since we need to keep synchronized the additional groups on a Servicenow incident with the addtional responders on a PagerDuty incident.

Thanks for your help,

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