Add HTML table via API


(Mor Oknin) #1

we have created an integration using the API provided ( using python) with a system that does not have a native connector to PD.
in the API we would like to add an html table of data.
Can we do it via the API using the “details” in the JSON ?

(Demitri Morgan) #2

Hello Mor,

Can you please describe in more detail what this would entail? To which object(s) would you be adding a table, and in what contexts would it be displayed?

Also, if you wouldn’t mind, it would help us to better address your needs if you could please tell us some more about your intended goals and the problems you are trying to solve (that would require creating a HTML table).

Edit: it is not yet supported to insert HTML directly into the incident detail’s view via the Events API.

(system) #3