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We would like to provide 5/24 support (Mon 8am to Sat 8am). So we would like to be alerted about events only during that time. Is it possible somehow to achieve that without losing any alerts (so we would like to receive every alert which came in during the weekend at Mon 8am).
We’ve tried some settings but none of them seemed OK for us so far. Any suggestion?


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We offer a service-level Support Hours feature that allows you to use a different urgency method outside of a selected timeframe.

For example, you could set the service to notify you of incidents with a high urgency notification and then set it to low urgency on Saturdays and Sundays. You would need to ensure that someone is technically on-call to ensure incidents are assigned to someone but the user can list their low urgency notification rules to be empty so they are not notified and simply assigned them.

There is also the option to Raise urgency of all triggered incidents for this service to High when service support hours begin. This means that all open incidents on the service will become high urgency, and responders will be notified using high urgency notification rules, and that notifications will be sent until someone responds.


Yes, we tried to use the service-level support hours feature… it would be perfect but the hours are not really customizable. As I said we would like to set the support hours to Mon 8am to Sat 8am which seems to be impossible on that interface. (Or if it is possible somehow, please tell me how)

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You could use multiple schedules to achieve this with a dummy user or default user to accept all incidents outside of your requested Support Hours.

If you want to use with this just the built-in Support hours, one workaround, I’ll agree odd, is to change the timezone your Support hours user to be 8 hours ahead of your actual timezone and have the schedule on-call from midnight Monday to 00:00 Saturday in your timezone -8 hours.

The easiest example is if your timezone is UTC+00:00, you would change your timezone to UTC-08:00 and set the time from 00:00 Monday to 00:00 Saturday. If I lived in New York using EST time (UTC-5:00), I would set my timezone in the Service Support Hours to Sydney (UTC+11:00) which is the complement of UTC-13 but select my days from Tuesday 00:00 to Sunday 0:00 as that’s the equivalent of Monday 8am EST to Saturday 8am EST.

Hope this helps!


Well, it’s not a perfect solution (as the daylight saving time change is at different dates in Europe and US), but as a workaround it is OK, thanks. I hope that there’s a plan for a solution (not workaround), I don’t think that this would be a very unique scenario.

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Definitely understand that it’s not ideal. I’ll forward this feature improvement to our Product Team.

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