2 way sync with Stackdriver


(Gergely Tankovics) #1

I set a new notification channel in Stackdriver to create incidents in PagerDuty but the 2 way sync is not working. If I acknowledge an incident in Stackdriver Pagerduty won’t follow it and vica versa.

I’ve set the Service and add the API key with full access. Does any other needed for the sync?

I have basic level subscription.

(Jay Chiarella) #2

Hi Gergely,

You can expect two way sync with Stackdriver if you’ve followed the entirety of the integration guide.

Our guide states “alerts from Stackdriver can automatically trigger and resolve PagerDuty incidents”. If you don’t experience this expected behaviour, then please email support@pagerduty.com as we will need to check your specific account configuration.

In the email - could you please include a link to the Incident which did not auto-resolve, including a timestamp (with timezone) when Stackdriver sent the resolving alert.



(Gergely Tankovics) #3

The automatic resolve is working properly. The acknowledge state is not working. So currently I have to acknowledge the incidents in Stackdriver and PagerDuty as well.

(Jay Chiarella) #4

Hi Gergely,

Thanks for writing the support ticket. We will continue the conversation in the support ticket as we require information from your specific account.


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