Zabbix 5.0.2 Integration

I’ve deployed an instance on Zabbix 5.0.2 on AWS via a virtual appliance deployment.

I’m trying to integrate the instance with Pager Duty but alerts from Zabbix and not being sent to Pager Duty.

I’ve setup the integration using the webhook integration and the PD client - both do not work.

For the webhook integration, I’ve used the following document for the configuration

Upon completion of the setup, I send a test from the PD media type but it is not received in PD.

For the agent integration, I’ve used the following documents to install the agent and integrate the agent configuration in zabbix (i can find a Zabbixv5 specific integration document and there are some minor UI differences between versions)

I can SUCCESSFULLY send test alerts from pd-send and pd-zabbix from the cli using the following; both are received in PD.

$ export PD_SERVICE_KEY=
$ pd-send -k $PD_SERVICE_KEY -t trigger -d “Server is on fire” -i

/usr/share/pdagent-integrations/bin/pd-zabbix PD_SERVICE_KEY trigger “name:Test

However, general alerts from Zabbix and either sent and not received in PD, or not sent as at all.

I’ve review the troubleshooting guide below.


No entries are populated in the action log

Hello Simon,

We would need account details that are private to you in order to help with this. As the Community space is public, please can you email the Support Team, regarding this then we will go from there.

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