Why you may not be receiving On-Call Hand Off Notifications

On-Call Handoff Notifications are a great reminder for when users are about to begin or end an On-Call shift. Occasionally, On-Call Handoff Notification (ONCHNs) aren’t received by users when they’d expect for these two common, recurring, reasons.

After confirming that you are scheduled to be on-call on the schedule that you were expecting to receive an On-Call Handoff Notification for, you will then want to confirm that:

  1. The schedule you are in rotation on is placed on an Escalation Policy
  2. That this Escalation Policy is attached to a service

If an escalation policy that you are scheduled on does not have an Inbound Service, on-call handoff notifications will not be sent for any scheduled shifts that you may have on the escalation policy. A quick way to confirm this is by navigating to the Escalation Policy your schedule is placed on and searching for the Inbound Services pane. If none are listed in this pane which is pointed out below, you would just have to place this EP onto a service in order for these notifications to begin being sent: