why doesn't PagerDuty use a caller ID (CNAM) record for outgoing calls?

Can PagerDuty add a caller ID name (CNAM) record to all their phone numbers that place outgoing calls to land lines?

The caller ID name record could be something like “PagerDuty” or “PDUTY”.

Most of my calls from from 4152127102

When I lookup the carrier for that number it is:

Telephone Number, SPID / RespOrg, Status, Service Provider, OCN, Region, LATA, LATA Name, State, Rate Center, LRN, Last modified date

4152127102, 506J, Active, Twilio International/4, 649C, WC, 722, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Antioch, 9252817777, 9/14/2020 8:59 PM

Can PagerDuty go to their vendor Twilio and have them add a CNAM record to 4152127102 as well as any other outgoing numbers PagerDuty uses? It seems helpful and should not cost anything.

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PagerDuty is used by Incident Management team if any urgent/emergency issue come they will trigger to oncall person not for outgoing calls purpose :slight_smile: I hope this understand better

Hi folks,

I’m a product manager here at PagerDuty; thanks for this suggestion! I will reach out to our vendor to see what can be done. I appreciate you taking the time to write to us!

All the best,

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Hi @jeffcrews!
We’ve requested our telco providers to update the CNAM record for our North American numbers.
It may take a little time for it to be reflected across all systems but we’ve confirmed the change has been made!

Thanks for the suggestion!