Why can't I add users?

There are a few different reasons why you may have trouble adding users to your PagerDuty account:


The most common issue we see when somebody has trouble adding users is that the person trying to add users doesn’t have the required permissions to do so. Adding users to PagerDuty requires the Admin or Account Owner user role for accounts on Lite and Basic plans, or Global Admin or Account Owner for accounts on Standard and Enterprise plans.

:point_right: Keep in mind that just because you’ve had permission to add users in the past doesn’t mean that you currently have permission to add users. You’ll want to check your user role (under My ProfileUser Settings) to see if another Admin or the Account Owner has changed your user role to one without admin-level permissions.

User Limits

If you have the required user role/permissions to add users, but don’t see the Add Users button on the Users page anymore, or the process of adding some users (when inviting multiple users at once) fails, it may be due to limits outlined in your pricing plan or a self-imposed limit set by the Account Owner (i.e. to keep monthly invoices for users within budget). If you’re the Account Owner, you can view your pricing plan limits or change your self-imposed limits by going to ConfigurationAccount SettingsAccount Limits.

Existing Accounts

If you’re within your user limits and tried adding a user, but received an error that the user couldn’t be added, it’s possible that the user already exists in your account. You’ll want to search for the user’s email address on the Users page to see if they already have an account or received an invitation. You can re-send an invitation if the person was added but didn’t accept their original invitation.