Why can’t I edit a thing in PagerDuty?

When customers come to us asking how to make edits to structural aspects of the UI — schedules, user profiles, escalation policies, teams — user permissions are overwhelming the source of their confusion.

Here’s a break-down of user permissions as they relate to structural objects in the UI:

An account owner can edit anything. This includes billing information and SSO.

An admin can schedules, teams, escalation policies, and all user profiles, including adding and deleting users. They cannot edit billing information and SSO.

A user can edit schedules, teams, escalation policies. They cannot make edits to user profiles other than their own, which means they cannot add or delete users on their PagerDuty account.

Limited users, team responders, or stakeholders cannot edit structural aspects of the UI.

The vast majority of edit/create/delete/etc action buttons can be found in the upper right hand corner of our UI pages. If you cannot find that button, check the role associated with your user profile under configuration > users.

If you need to upgrade your user role to access broader user permissions, someone with account ownership or admin access to your PagerDuty account can change your profile for you.

We’ve tried to make our edit buttons fairly visible, so if you’re having a really hard time figuring out how to edit a structural aspect of our UI, your eyes aren’t failing you, you probably just don’t have user permissions necessary to do it. An admin or account owner on your PagerDuty account can upgrade your user permissions.

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