Why Can I Not Ack/Resolve Incidents via Phone?

The providers we use for phone notifications use DTMF, which listens for the distinct frequencies of each key pressed to determine which key has been pressed. If a user has turned off audible touch tones, these frequencies will not be sent back to our providers, which means that you cannot ack/resolve incidents from the keypad.

Users with iPhones don’t have the option turn these audible touch tones, but Android does. If you’re an Android user, you can check these settings by going to Settings -> Sound & Notification -> Audible touch tones/Dial pad tones (however, we found that these steps seem to vary a bit).

As an iPhone user, if you are experiencing this issue, DTMF tones often do not work on with WiFi calling enabled, please make sure that WiFi calling is disabled.

If you’re still having issues, reach out to our friendly Support folks, they can look into further troubleshooting steps.

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